Monday, July 1, 2013

Selfmade | Quilted Bomber Jacket

Selfmade | Quilted Bomber Jacket
A couple of months ago i found this quilted fabric and immediately knew i needed to make this into a bomber jacket. But, because of my school i didn't have time to finish it. Now i finally did and i'm very happy with how it turned out!!

What you'll need:
- Quilted fabric or other fabric you really like
- Lining fabric (in case your fabric needs to be lined)
- Zipper
- Some firm fabric for the finishing touches at the bottom of the jacket, sleeves and collar 

I got my pattern from a bomber jacket i already had, and lined all the pieces. 
Because it wasn't the easiest DIY, i had to take a really good look on how this jacket was put together. 
After i connected all the pieces together with some pins, i tried it on to see if i needed to adjust anything. After a little adjusting, i could finally sew all the pieces together.
After that, i added the zipper at the front and added some firm fabric at the bottom of the jacket, sleeves and collar. 

Tip: I think it's very helpful if you try the jacket on after every adjustment you make, just to make sure the jacket fits well. Also, see if your sleeves ar the same lenght and if your right side of the jacket is similar to your left side.