Monday, August 26, 2013

Shoot In Ellements Magazine!

This summer i got in contact with a photographer who asked me to do the styling of his shoot. Because it turned out so good (the photo's, our teamwork) we planned other shoots as well. And this shoot 'Tailor made woman' got published in Ellements Magazine!
So happy and proud! And it's so motivating to see we did good work!
We're planning on doing more shoots in the future but since my school is starting again soon, i hope i will have some time left.. But then again, who needs sleep?

Below you'll see a photo of the shoot behind the scenes and some photo's that weren't used.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New In: Choies Heels

 Since i've worn out my latest black heels i was in need of a new pair, and so i found these Alexander Wang inspired heels at the Choies webshop. 
I had never even heard of Choies, but i'm so glad to have found this site!
They have so many beautiful shoes, inspired by lots of great designers AND they are affordable! So i will definitely be ordering here from now on.
Also, the shoes fit great and they are very comfortable! 
I would definitely recommend to take a look at the webshop!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Few Pics Of Croatia

Home again from Croatia.. Me and my friend had the best time! 
I already miss relaxing 24/7..
The weather was great and Croatia is just a beautiful country to visit for vacation. 
The clear water, the fish in the sea, the rocks, the people, the croatian houses, the parties, the sunset .. i loved it and hope to return one time!
We actually took the most photo's with a disposable camera (in dutch a 'wegwerpcamera') i always love that you don't know if your pictures will turn out oke or that you forget what you photographed. I'm curious of how they will turn out!

What you're seeing on the pictures:
1. A picture of a corner of our apartment with multiple lines and shadow
2. The clear sea in Croatia
3. In front of the sea, wearing: Grey crop top: Primark, Grey skirt: Topshop (last year's), White shoes: Primark, Bag: from Zoe Hermsen (find it here at her blog:Lightning Factory)
4. The sunset during our dinner